Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Seen by more than 25 million visitors worldwide. The Artifact Exhibition is the only exhibition to feature artifacts recovered directly from the wreck site of the RMS Titanic. Presenting more than 200 of these recovered artifacts, alongside full-scale room re-creations, interactive environments, exclusive video, never before seen photographs and compelling stories; the experience transports visitors back in time to become a passenger on the great Ship. The Artifact Exhibition tells the story of the Ship, of the time in which she was built and of her 2,208 passengers and crew whose lives she changed forever.


On April 10, 1912, RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton England. Titanic- the most luxurious and technologically advanced ship of the time- collided with an iceberg on April 14, 1912, at 11:40am, and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later April 15th, resulting in the loss of almost 1,500 lives. From that day forward, the tragic and incredible stories that unfolded on that fateful night became cemented in our hearts and minds. Although Titanic rests in the seabed of the North Atlantic Ocean, guests can experience stories of Titanic when VENUEXX pays tribute through TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition, where more than 200  authentic artifacts recovered from Titanic’s wreck site will be displayed.

TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition brings authentic artifacts recovered from the wreck site of the famous Ship for viewing by the public. For decades, Titanic has had a hold on people immersing themselves in the real stories of heroism, love, fear, and impossible decisions in the face of the “unsinkable” ocean liner meeting its fate. It was a watershed moment in world history and has made an indelible mark on history.  The objects displayed are both everyday items, like a toothpaste jar, jewelry, or china used in meal service.

Upon entering TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition guests are drawn back in time to April 1912, when the Ship embarked on its first and final journey. Also covered is the contemporary effort to recover artifacts and conserve the wreck site for scientific analysis, historical preservation, and to ensure future generations can admire, contemplate, and learn from Titanic.