Jurassic World by Brickman

Step into the thrilling world of Jurassic World by Brickman, where you’ll encounter over 50 large-scale dinosaurs, props, and scenes from the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise. Marvel at life-size dinosaurs in the petting zoo, walk beneath a towering Brachiosaurus, and explore intricate minifig dioramas. Capture unforgettable moments with photo ops, including getting up close with two life-size velociraptors!

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. You’ll have the chance to build your own mini Jurassic World, create dinosaur footprints, design hybrid dinosaurs, and help assemble enormous LEGO® brick mystery mosaics. Plus, you'll get to construct escape vehicles to flee from our massive 1-tonne T.rex model. Dive into this immersive experience and unleash your creativity in the ultimate dinosaur adventure!

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An adventure 6 million LEGO bricks in the making. Embark on an epic Journey with over 50-large scale dinosaurs!

In 2021 Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught unveiled an epic, world-first exhibition in Melbourne that transformed Jurassic World — the blockbuster franchise from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment — into an immersive must-do adventure that is the largest LEGO® brick exhibition in Australian history.

Visitors to Jurassic World by Brickman® begin their journey by walking through the iconic 4-metre-tall Jurassic World gates to experience the Isla Nublar.

Inside Jurassic World by Brickman you’ll encounter over 50 large-scale dinosaurs, props and scenes from the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise, including life-size dinosaurs in our petting zoo, a Brachiosaurus you can walk underneath, minifig dioramas, and photo opportunities to recreate some of the most iconic moments from the films — including getting up close and personal with 2 life-size velociraptors!  You’ll build your own mini Jurassic World and dinosaur footprints, create hybrid dinosaurs, help assemble enormous LEGO® brick mystery mosaics, and even build your own escape vehicles to get away from our 1 tonne T.rex model!

We have added an all-new life-size LEGO brick dinosaur- the fearsome Baryonyx! Weighing in at 400kg, this newest Jurassic World by Brickman dinosaur took 790 hours to design and was created using 102,317 LEGO® bricks. She is 4.8m long, over 1.5m wide and stands 2.5m high.

Over 2 years, 6 million LEGO® bricks and 10,000 build hours have gone into the creation of Jurassic World by Brickman®, making it the biggest exhibition we’ve ever created — and we can’t wait for you to see it!