Dino World

Step back in time and step into an enchanted world, our story! Imagine the earth as it was 65 million years ago, when the most incredible creatures ruled the planet. In the company of 30 life-sized dinosaurs, you will feel like a mere speck next to these giants. Be awed by the immense Triceratops, the towering Brachiosaurus, and the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as T-Rex, with their resounding roars echoing through the air.

"Dino World" blends education with excitement, offering interactive moments that explain the phenomena behind the evolution of these magnificent creatures across each of the seven continents. The journey concludes with the dramatic story of the meteorite that led to their extinction. This engaging mix of pedagogy and experience has captivated thousands of guests worldwide throughout the year.

Join us in Malmö from May 25 to August 25 for an unforgettable adventure into the prehistoric past.

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25 May 2024, Malmö Sweden